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eDaily for Friday, January 20
The Society for Personality and Social Psychology is Honored to Announce the Fall 2016 Award Recipients!
SPSP had the opportunity to ask Ravenna M. Helson, the 2017 Annual Convention Legacy honoree, how she believes the field has changed over time, and what she considers to be her greatest professional contributions. Ravenna’s responses are below: Changing Personality
Lee Anna Clark, William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, is the 2016 Jack Block Award for Distinguished Research in Personality. Lee Anna’s current research focuses on the core elements of personality pathology that are needed to diagnose personality disorder, and to determine how personality pathology relates to psychosocial disability. SPSP asked Lee Anna about how she got into the field, her past, current, and future research interests, the best professional advice she’s ever received, where she’d like to see the field evolve, and more.