Student Publications, May 2018

by Lucy Zheng

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Paper: Individual Differences in System Justification Predict Power and Morality-Related Needs in Advantaged and Disadvantaged Groups in Response to Group Disparity

Authors: Tabea Hässler, Nurit Shnabel, Johannes Ullrich, Anat Arditti-Vogel, & Ilanit SimanTov-Nachlieli

Journal: Group Processes and Intergroup Relations



Paper: With a Little Help From Our Friends: The Impact of Crossgroup Friendship on Acculturation Preferences

Authors: Tabea Hässler, Roberto González, Siugmin Lay, Brian Lickel, Hanna Zagefka, Linda R. Tropp, Rupert Brown, Jorge Manzi Astudillo, & Michelle Bernardino

Journal: European Journal of Social Psychology



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