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Oct 05, 2015

October 2nd Round Up

On the blog this week: Judging Political Hearts and Minds


Here's an article titled The Seductive Allure of Neuroscience and the Science of Persuasion generously shared by Jay van Bavel (@jayvanbavel) and Dominic Packer (@PackerLab), originally written for Scientific American's Mind blog, and well worth a read. Here's an excerpt:

On the heels of the decade of the brain and the development of neuroimaging, it is nearly impossible to open a science magazine or walk through a bookstore without encountering images of the human...


“[…] a corporation is an abstraction. It has no mind of its own any more than it has a body of its own.”

- Viscount Richard Haldane, Lennard's Carrying v Asiatic Petroleum, 1915

A new study suggests that people have a tendency to reason about whole group agents, like corporations, as though they have minds of their own. A recent U.S. Supreme Court...


By: Dave Nussbaum

If you’re an NPR listener, you’ve probably had a chance to hear Shankar Vedantam talking about fascinating work in psychology with David Greene or Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition. For me, he’s one of the finest examples of a science journalist who cares about getting the science right, and his enthusiasm and genuine interest in the research are matched by his extensive knowledge of the field that comes from over a decade of covering psychology, reading thousands of...


By: James Cornwell

Are Republicans from Mars and Democrats from Venus?  Much of our contemporary research about the psychology of politics focuses on the differences between Republicans and Democrats.  This approach suggests that Republicans and Democrats are fundamentally different in basic ways.  The prevailing theory is that political beliefs and political identification are products of different basic motives and personality variables that drive us toward favoring one political approach or the other.  The emphasis is on fundamental differences motivating adoption...

On the blog this week: Judging Political Hearts and Minds
By: James Cornwell
By: Dave Nussbaum
Earlier this week on the blog: The Attractiveness of Confidence   
By: Sean Murphy
By: Marina Milyavskaya