The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, founded in 1974, is the world’s largest organization of personality and social psychologists. With over 7,500 members, SPSP strives to advance the science, teaching, and application of personality and social psychology.

The core focus of SPSP is to serve its members through educational events, networking opportunities, resources, science funding, publication and promotion of research, and mentoring the next generation of personality and social psychologists.

In 2022, SPSP developed a Strategic Framework that will guide the organization’s work for the next five years. This has been a Society-wide effort, incorporating perspectives from a Strategic Planning Taskforce, the members, committees, and the Board of Directors. 

The plan, which took effect at the beginning of 2023, is grounded in SPSP’s mission and reflects the Society’s vision of an inclusive and diverse organization that fosters research and development in order to address social issues.

Strategic Planning Framework

  • Our Mission (Why We Exist): To advance the science, teaching, and application of personality and social psychology for the benefit of all people.
  • Our Vision (Who We Are Becoming): An inclusive and diverse organization that fosters the research and development of personality and social psychological science to improve society.
  • Guiding Principle: Monitor and dismantle inequitable systems affecting historically underrepresented communities in personality and social psychology in our organizational efforts.

Core Values

  • Innovation, rigor, transparency, and integrity in our science, education, and application
  • Constructive scientific discourse
  • Diversity and inclusiveness of people and ideas

Outcomes (What will be different?)