Here you can find member-submitted syllabi, textbook recommendations, videos, demonstrations and aids for the teaching of social and personality psychology.

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A curated list of example syllabi for social, personality, stats/methods, and intro to psychology.

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A list of social and personality textbooks recommended by SPSP members.

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Teaching Aids

Activities, guest speakers, videos, and more to help you teach psychology.

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Find videos of SPSP subject experts to feature in your classroom.

Additional Teaching Resources

Links to several sites offering resources for teaching social and personality psychology.

SPSP Convention Teaching Resources
Psychology Teaching Resources

More psychology-specific resources can be found on the following sites.

Psychology Teaching Activities and Demonstrations

Need even more ideas on how to explore psychology topics in your class?

Psychology Syllabi Resources

These sites provide both curated and crowd-sourced examples of psychology course syllabi.

General Teaching Sites

These sites provide helpful information on a range of teaching-related issues.