Founded in 1974, SPSP is currently the largest organization of personality and social psychologists. SPSP membership is open to students and professionals involved or interested in personality and social psychology.

Click below to become a member of SPSP (or to renew a membership). (Note: Dues are paid directly to SPSP Inc.)

APA Division 8

SPSP Inc. was established as an organization independent of APA (including Division 8 of APA) in 1975. Memberships in SPSP Inc. and in Division 8 of APA are, therefore, independent and are applied for in separate and different ways. People may be a member of one organization, the other, or both.

How to Join Division 8 of APA

To become a Division 8 of APA member, individuals must meet APA's membership criteria, AND indicate interest in becoming a member of APA Division 8, which requires an additional $5 paid directly to APA beyond regular APA dues.

How Membership Benefits Differ Between Division 8 of APA and SPSP

  • As an APA Division 8 member, individuals qualify for the APA Convention member registration rate, while being a member of SPSP, by itself, does not. APA Division 8 members also qualify for reduced rates for APA journals (e.g., JPSP).
  • As an SPSP member, individuals qualify for the SPSP Convention member registration rate. Being a member of APA Division 8, by itself, does not qualify people for that rate. In addition, members of SPSP receive complimentary SPSP journals (e.g., PSPB, PSPR) as well as SPPS. See below for more information about membership dues and categories.

Member Categories and Rates

SPSP membership is renewed annually and follows the calendar year beginning January 1st and expiring on December 31st. New members may join for the upcoming calendar year as early as August 1st, receiving up to 17 months of membership for the cost of just 12 months! (Example: A membership purchased on August 1st of the current year expires December 31st of the following year; whereas a membership purchased on July 1st of the current year expires December 31st of the current year).

Choosing Your SPSP Member Type

Not sure which member type works best for you? Expand the sections below to learn more about SPSP member types or use this flowchart to help choose your membership category. Note: Membership dues do NOT cover registration costs for any events.

Low-Middle Income Country Membership Rates

To qualify for the LMIC membership rate, an individual must be based in a country (per their primary mailing address included in their SPSP membership account) that the World Bank has listed as low, lower-middle, or upper-middle income. More details on the World Bank's methodology are available on their website.

Under this membership rate, a member based in an LMIC country will pay $12 in annual membership fees. Members based in LMIC countries are also eligible for reduced registration rates for the SPSP Annual Convention. 

LMIC rate options will automatically appear as members join or renew their SPSP membership (Example: LMIC Full member)

Financial Assistance for Membership

Hardship Dues Waiver for Membership

SPSP is committed to supporting its members during times of hardship. If financial assistance is needed for membership dues, please submit a Hardship Dues Waiver Request. A Hardship Dues Waiver may only be used one time. For questions regarding the Hardship Dues Waiver, please contact [email protected]. (Note: The waiver may only be used for membership dues and cannot be used to cover the cost of registration fees for the Annual Convention.) 

Funding Resources

Some universities or employers may help offset the cost of membership in a professional association by covering the costs of dues or providing reimbursement. Find ideas for approaching your faculty members/employer to help pay your membership dues. Both you and your university/organization can benefit from your SPSP membership—this guide can help you build a compelling case to your university or organization for reimbursement of your membership dues.

Benefits of Membership

View our Membership Checklist or read below to learn more about membership benefits.

Access new research with free online and print access to SPSP’s three journals: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (PSPB), Personality and Social Psychology Review (PSPR), and Social Psychology and Personality Science (SPPS).

Join our network of over 7,500 social and personality psychologists through our online, members-only community, SPSP Connect! This exclusive network also includes shared interest groups for specific member types and areas of study within the social and personality psychology field.

Network with members in our virtual Free Form Friday events.    Share career advice, ponder big-picture questions, and meet members with similar backgrounds in these virtual meeting rooms hosted by fellow SPSP members. 

Expand opportunities with access to SPSP’s Career Center and eligibility for our annual awards, learning institutes, grants, and committees.

Stay informed with mailings from the SPSP Connect! listservs, newsletters, advocacy alerts, and announcements.

Contribute to the field by attending and presenting at our annual convention. In addition, as a member, you will receive a discounted member rate.

Enhance your professional development by exploring our Learning Online video resources—a curated collection of on-demand presentations and workshops, tutorials, webinars, and SPSP's Experts video series

Explore our numerous online resources, including anti-racism, diversity, and bias resources, teaching aids, publishing resources, graduate school resources, and the graduate program directory.

Enjoy the following member benefits as a value-added to your membership: