The materials shared here are tailored to academic institutions, though the majority of these concepts are translatable to any organization. The goal of these tools is to advance the field of social and personality psychology while providing mechanisms and tools for public use designed to help eliminate institutional racism. 

We provide a diagnostic tool for departments and organizations to assess their own progress toward fostering anti-racist and equitable outcomes. The tool consists of a series of questions regarding behaviors and practices that serve to support anti-racism and asks how often they are practiced within the organization. The tool can be distributed to a faculty as a survey, discussed in a faculty meeting, or used by a subcommittee to stimulate discussion within an organization. This tool can also be an exercise for individuals to identify areas of need for personal growth or assess goals for an organization that they lead. The tool contains recommendations spanning various issues related to departmental and organizational functioning. 

Additionally, we provide a series of mentorship rubrics that list best practices for supporting students and faculty of color, as well as a rubric for faculty and students of color to consider when they are seeking mentorship and assessing their mentorship needs. The mentorship rubrics can also be used to stimulate discussions in faculty meetings regarding best practices, distributed as assessments within the organization, and distributed to students and early career individuals to help them assess and build their support networks as they navigate their academic and professional journeys. 

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