In January 2018, the SPSP approved funding for a Task Force on Sexual Harassment (SH) in personality and social psychology, with a focus on: 1) the empirical study of the prevalence of the problem and perception of responses to sexual harassment in SPSP; 2) the assessment of SPSP policies related to sexual harassment, and consideration of best practices toward prevention of sexual harassment; 3) evaluation of next steps for soliciting, supporting, and disseminating additional research on sexual harassment, sexual harassment prevention, and related issues, with an eye toward how SPSP can best leverage its membership’s expertise to contribute to a leadership role in broader societal efforts to address sexual harassment.

Survey Results
Appendix A

If you are attending SPSP 2019, please join us for a Town Hall on Friday, Feb. 8th 11-12:15PM (Oregon 201) where representatives from both the Diversity and Climate Committee and the Sexual Harassment task force will discuss the SPSP 2018 climate survey. If you are not attending the convention, information from the session will be made available after the convention.