Your Vote, Your Society! Board of Directors Nominations & Elections

Each year, SPSP seeks qualified candidates for its Board of Directors. The call for applications process is used to provide a diverse pool of candidates for the next election cycle of board members. Members of the SPSP Board help guide the future and vision of the organization and field. SPSP encourages nominations or self-nominations of eligible members from both academic and non-academic settings and from anywhere in the world for these important leadership positions.

The call for applications for the Board of Directors will be open from May 2 – June 6.

Vote for the SPSP Student Committee Vice Chair!

SPSP is holding a special election for the Student Committee’s Vice Chair position in order to bring it in line with the new election schedule. Eligible voting members will receive their ballot via email on March 7, and voting will remain open until March 28.

About the Position

  • The term starts on April 1, 2024 and ends on March 31, 2027.
  • Year 1: Serve as Vice Chair, leading student awards planning and supporting the Chair.
  • Year 2: Serve as Chair, overseeing the committee, organizing calls, coordinating with staff, and assisting other committees. 
  • Year 3: Serve as Past Chair, and voting member on the Board of Directors. 
  • Time commitment: Approximately 4 hours per month.

Learn more about each of our candidates below! If you have any questions, contact SPSP Senior Governance and Recognition Manager Crystal Moore at [email protected].


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Submit Your Referrals

Do you know someone who would be a good candidate for the SPSP Board of Directors or an SPSP committee or do you want to be considered for future opportunities? Fill out the brief form below and staff will send the application form to complete when it is available.

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