The Health Preconference serves as a hub for SPSP attendees working across areas that bridge social/personality processes with health. Health and well-being are deeply interconnected with social and personality processes. Understanding the psychological factors that influence health outcomes (e.g., intergroup relations, close relationships), is crucial for developing effective interventions and promoting overall wellness. By connecting experts from health and social psychology fields, the pre-conference facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations and encourages the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Recent events highlighted the critical role of social and psychological factors in shaping health. Exploring these connections and discussing the broader structural determinants of health becomes imperative to address the underlying causes and promote equitable health outcomes.

The preconference features invited research presentations, student/postdoc data blitzes, faculty/professional flash talks, round table discussions on research topics, and poster presentations. Awards will be presented for Outstanding Data Blitz, Early Career Scholarship, Diversity in Research, and Lifetime Contributions.

Preconference Organizers

Drexler James, [email protected], University of Minnesota
Michael Trujillo, [email protected], Carnegie Mellon University


Preconference submissions are now closed. If you have any questions about this preconference, please email the organizers (listed above).