Submission Guidance

At the Annual SPSP meeting, we strive to create a balanced and diverse program both in terms of content and in terms of presenters. To aid in this process, we ask submitters to indicate whether their work is of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism (DEIA) interest. We ask you to use the checkboxes below to indicate whether your submission (check boxes below, check as many as applicable):

  • ❏  Clearly address issues related to generalizability (for example, concerning gender, age, culture, locality, non-Western contexts or any other characteristics that could clearly or remotely impact research findings based on the research topic).
  • ❏  Provide clear acknowledgement of how your research findings and their interpretations may have been influenced by the culture, ethnic identities, and societal norms of the authors. 
  • ❏  Involve research populations/samples that are underrepresented in social and personality research  
  • ❏  Directly address DEIA topics of study: research focused on tolerance, social justice, equity or improving the lives of marginalized groups, understanding majority/dominant groups’ intergroup attitudes, or research which addresses policies for social inclusion etc. 
  • ❏  Other (please specify) OPEN. 
  • ❏  None of the above. 
  • ❏  I prefer not to respond 

Review Process

Responses on the DEIA checkboxes are not used in the initial peer review process. This information will be used as one of the many factors considered by the Convention Committee when making the final selections among the pool of submissions that reviewers have identified as being of high scientific quality and interest. 

Accepted Presentations

Accepted presentations will be invited to include a reflection on how DEIA is part of their current or future research.


Pilot Program