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Anti-Colorism and Eurocentrism in Methods and Practices (ACEMAP) Task Force Members: Adeyemi Adetula, NiCole Buchanan, Stephanie Fryberg, Michael Kraus, Colin Leach, Brian Lowery, Joel Martinez, James Montilla Doble, Laura Naumann, Geetha Reddy, Roberto Gonzalez, Rainer Romero, Robert Sellers, Charlotte Tate, Ayse Uskul, Dulce Wilkinson Westberg, Kailey Lawson, Alison Ledgerwood (Chair), Jessica Remedios, Andrew Todd, Johanna Vollhardt, Katherine Weltzien, Erin Westgate, Linda Zou

Hosts: Alison Ledgerwood, [email protected], University of California, Davis; Jessica Remedios, [email protected], Tufts University; Johanna Vollhardt, [email protected], Clark University; Katherine Weltzien, [email protected], University of Washington