Note: SPSP is releasing two separate statements addressing concerns raised at the recent Annual Convention. Developing these statements involved careful consideration and input from various individuals. The separate release reflects the unique nature of each issue being addressed.


Dear SPSP Members,

As a professional organization, SPSP is committed to diversity, equity, professional exchange of ideas, and respectful treatment of all members, volunteers, and employees. Attendees at all SPSP events, activities, and programs seek to learn, network, and enjoy themselves, free from discrimination or harassment. In order to provide all participants with the opportunity to benefit from SPSP events, SPSP is committed to fostering a friendly, safe, and discrimination and harassment-free environment for all attendees.

SPSP has received numerous code of conduct complaints over the last nine months and several associated with the recent convention. Upon receipt of a complaint, the SPSP Executive Committee spends significant time reviewing, discussing, and determining the appropriate course of action as outlined in our review process.

The SPSP Board of Directors has recently updated our Code of Conduct to clarify that SPSP does not have any role or authority in investigating or adjudicating grievances for issues occurring outside of SPSP events or platforms (e.g., social media, and other events not hosted by SPSP). If there is a finding from an external institution or other entity that conduct occurred that violates our Code of Conduct, we then consider whether such conduct should trigger any action within SPSP.

We want to address concerns raised about the misuse of a poster presentation area during the recent SPSP Annual Convention. The display presented was not the poster presentation that was accepted for the program, nor was the display authorized by SPSP. The poster areas are dedicated to presenting the scientific research accepted for the conference. The poster areas are not a platform for other forms of expression, and we deeply apologize for any distress this unauthorized display caused attendees and for the length of time that the unauthorized display was visible.

Moving forward, we are committed to upholding a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees. To prevent similar incidents, we are reviewing our guidelines for poster presentations and exploring additional measures for ensuring adherence. If you have any questions or recommendations for the future, please contact [email protected].

The SPSP Executive Committee

Cynthia Pickett, President
Dolores Albarracin, Past President
Diana Sanchez, President-Elect
Camille Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer
Rachel Puffer, Executive Director