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Member Spotlight: Tabea Hässler

Tabea Hässler is a senior lecturer at the University of Zurich and curator of the Zurich Intergroup Project. Her research focuses on responses to inequalities and support for greater social equality among diverse advantaged and disadvantaged groups.

William Meese

William Meese is a doctoral student in psychological sciences at the University of California. His research examines how self-processes influence well-being, particularly related to how people think about and respond to self-evaluative information and events.

Li (Leigh) Chu

Li (Leigh) Chu is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University and a New Map of Life impact fellow at Stanford Center on Longevity. Her research focuses on expansive motivation, such as curiosity and exploration for novelty and new technologies, across the lifespan.

Annalisa Myer

Annalisa Myer is a PhD student at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her research seeks to illuminate the perceptions/experiences of Multiracial people while tackling questions related to race, identity, and belonging.

Gul Gunaydin

Gul Gunaydin is a Professor of Psychology at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. Her research addresses questions around the formation, maintenance, and well-being consequences of interpersonal relationships.

Adeyemi Adetula

Adeyemi Adetula is a doctoral student at the Université Grenoble Alpes, France, and a member of the CORE Lab. He is also an advocate of adopting open science in Africa.

Jordan Rubin-McGregor

Jordan Rubin-McGregor is a second-year graduate student at Miami University. Her research focuses on the impacts of ableism on disabled people, and the role of protective factors in promoting resilience against disability stigma.

Hansika Kapoor

A Research Author at the Department of Psychology, Monk Prayogshala in Mumbai, Hansika Kapoor has been cited as a subject matter expert in numerous features on social and cognitive psychology in the Indian context.