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Crystal Hall

Crystal Hall is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Governance and Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington.

Sheila Brownlow

Sheila Brownlow is Professor and Chair in the Department of Psychology at Catawba College, a private liberal-arts college in Salisbury, NC.

Virgil Zeigler-Hill

Virgil Zeigler-Hill is a Professor at Oakland University and associate editor for Journal of Personality and Journal of Personality Assessment.

Phakkanun Chittham

Phakkanun Chittham serves on the faculty of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand as a lecturer of basic and applied social psychology.

Nicholas Epley

Nick Epley is the John Templeton Keller Professor of Behavioral Science and Director of the Center for Decision Research at the Chicago Booth School.

Rob Chavez

Rob Chavez is an assistant professor at the University of Oregon and director of the Computational Social Neuroscience Lab.

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