Presented at SPSP 2022 Annual Convention


This workshop gathers Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi (APID)-identified social and personality psychologists to reflect on anti-Blackness in academia and our communities, and provide a space to work together in solidarity toward Black liberation. First, panelists provide an introduction and discuss the urgent need for community-building among APID-identified psychologists to address anti-Blackness, inspired by Academics 4 Black Lives. Following the introduction, attendees meet in small breakout groups to build community and trust by sharing about themselves and reflecting on anti-Blackness in the academy and our communities. Attendees contribute (on a sharable platform such as Padlet) concrete and actionable ways to reduce anti-Blackness across various roles, settings, and career stages. Following the breakout group discussions, panelists and attendees reconvene to reflect on their group experiences and offer ideas for tangible next steps. 


Speakers: Michelle Lee, New York University; Elisa Rapadas, Northwestern University; Sapna Cheryan, University of Washington; Joanne Chung, University of Toronto, Mississauga; Xiaomeng Xu, Idaho State University