Presented at SPSP 2022 Annual Convention


This workshop brings together junior and senior scholars in personality and social psychology who are experienced in conducting cross-cultural research collaborations with research partners from different world regions, including South America, Africa, Southern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They will each a) share their own experiences with diverse models for carrying out cross-cultural research collaborations, and b) provide insight into associated challenges and best practices at different stages of the research project, and c) reflect on ways to create more inclusive and participatory collaborations. The workshop will also engage audience members through group activities and discussions, and draw on their collaboration experiences to produce a preliminary guide for best practices in international collaborations. The workshop tackles a typically neglected topic in research training. It is aimed at encouraging international research collaborations and improving how these are currently practiced, with a view to create a more inclusive, valid and representative psychology. We encourage those with experience or interest in international collaborations to attend the workshop.


Speakers: Rim Saab, University of Sussex; M. Lynne Cooper, University of Missouri; Fouad Bouzeineddine, University of Innsbruck; Amber Gayle Thalmayer, University of Zürich; Ara Norenzayan, University of British Columbia; Ayse Uskul, University of Kent