The Outstanding Research Award recognizes rigorous and transparent research by graduate students pursuing dissertation or pre-dissertation research. Submissions are reviewed by fellow SPSP student members and university faculty.

2022 Winners

Eliana Polimeni, The Easier-Is-Better Heuristic: The False Allure of Easy Work

H. Annie Vu, Making America Great by Undermining Its History: The Role of Racial Collective Narcissism in White Americans’ Reactions to History of Racism and Critical Race Theory

Joseph Siev, Personal misconduct elicits harsher professional consequences for artists (vs. scientists): A moral decoupling process

Melanie Fessinger, From Whose Perspective? Differences between Actors and Observers in Determining the Voluntariness of Guilty Pleas

Nadia Adelina, The Stories We Share and the Support We Receive: Examining the Reception of Support-Seeking Narratives Online