Recent events make it painfully clear that racism is still endemic in our society. The horrific killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are only the latest examples of the brutality and injustice faced by Black Americans and other people of color. SPSP condemns these acts of violence and condemns attempts to justify them. We are especially thoughtful at this time of our members who identify as Black and African American and others who live the everyday reality of racial injustice.


As a community of researchers and teachers, what will SPSP do?

We will share one of our biggest resources—our science—with the broader community. SPSP is working to make available to the media and legislators a list of subject matter experts and links to relevant research.

We will provide resources and support to our members, including access to relevant research and blog posts, including SPSP's blog Character and Context.

We will support research and outreach efforts through the continued support of Community Catalyst Grants, the Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and future programs. 

We will offer a space for commentary and reflection in our Community forums and elsewhere.

We will continue to teach and support our students and colleagues.

We will support protests and other collective action against institutional racism and police brutality.

This is not enough, but we will continue to seek ways that we can respond, and will provide updates on relevant programs and support as they develop. We seek your feedback and input as we move forward.

We stand in solidarity with our members, colleagues, and friends who are suffering, and we are committed as an organization to supporting efforts to change the culture of racism.

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, SPSP President
Linda Skitka, SPSP Past President
Monica Biernat, SPSP President-Elect