SPSP is proud to support three historically significant resolutions passed by the American Psychological Association at its most recent Council of Representatives meeting.

In the first resolution, which passed unanimously, APA apologized for its role in contributing to systemic racism.

The second resolution, passed with 99.4% approval, focused on the need for the field of psychology to take concrete actions to attenuate and eradicate systemic racism.

The final resolution, which also passed with 100% approval, addressed advancing health equity in psychology, with a focus on the relationship between health inequities in the U.S. and structural racism.

APA Division 8 Representative Dr. Eugene Borgida attended the meeting on SPSP’s behalf and voted in favor of all three resolutions. He notes that it was a moving and important moment in APA’s history.

“As the representative of SPSP in attendance, I was proud to cast SPSP's vote in favor of all three resolutions,” says Dr. Borgida. “For those of us who have been justifiably skeptical of APA and its commitments, these resolutions are truly meaningful and involve not just words but action plans and accountability changes now and into the future."