SPSP is pleased to share State of the Research, a new report designed for those who want to leverage personality and social psychology research to address societal challenges.

Developed by the Advocacy Advisory Board with guidance from the Government Relations Committee, State of the Research offers concise summaries of personality and social psychology research findings that can inform practical policy solutions. The report focuses on the following priority areas:

  • Addressing systemic racism and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Battling the disinformation epidemic
  • Promoting societal health and well-being
  • Promoting sustainable behavior and pro-environmental action
  • Tackling ideological polarization

This new resource aligns with SPSP's Strategic Planning Framework, which affirms our commitment to ensure that personality and social psychology is recognized, understood, and valued as a science that can improve the human condition.

Download 2023 State of the Research Report

In addition to sharing this with our members, SPSP will be connecting with federal lawmakers in the United States who share our advocacy priorities. We plan to update this document on a yearly basis in order to provide lawmakers and SPSP members with the latest research related to these issues.

SPSP would like to thank the Advocacy Advisory Board for collecting the research for this resource, as well as the Government Relations Committee for their guidance and editorial support during the process. We applaud both groups for devoting their time and energy to connecting personality and social psychology expertise with advocacy.

Want to learn how you can get involved with the Government Relations Committee and Advocacy Advisory Board? Visit SPSP's Advocacy and Policy page, then email SPSP Communications and Public Relations Manager Stephen Waldron ([email protected]) for more details!