SPSP is honored and excited to share the winners of our 2022 Single Contribution Awards. Please join us in congratulating each of this year's awardees!

We will be announcing our other Annual Award winners in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

Book Prize

The SPSP Book Prize for the Promotion of Social and Personality Science is a prize for a single outstanding contribution that honors a book written by a psychologist that makes a distinctive and important contribution to the field by promoting an understanding of the science of social and personality psychology to the general public. Christian Jarrett received this prize for his book Be Who You Want: Unlocking the Science of Personality Change.

Excellence in Science Journalism Award

The Excellence in Science Journalism Award is a service award that honors a member of the media for excellence in coverage of the personality and social psychology field. Melinda Moyer received this award for her articles published in the New York TimesHow to Raise Kids Who Won't Be Racist.

Robert B. Cialdini Prize

The Cialdini Prize recognizes the author(s) of a publication that uses field methods and demonstrates the relevance of social psychology to outside groups and communities. The prize was awarded to the authors of Lifting the bar: A relationship-orienting intervention reduces recidivism among children reentering school from juvenile detention. The winning authors are as follows: Gregory M. Walton, Kathleen Remington Cunningham, Daniel Hurst, Elizabeth Weitz, and Jennifer L. Eberhardt (Stanford University); Jason A. Okonofua (University of California, Berkeley); Andres Pinedo (University of Michigan); Juan P. Ospina (The Ohio State University); and Hattie Tate (Oakland Unified School District).

Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prizes

The Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize recognizes the author of an article or book chapter judged to provide the most innovative theoretical contribution to social/personality psychology.

Erin Westgate and Shige Oishi are the 2022 recipients of one of the Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prizes. They received this prize for their publication: A Psychologically Rich Life: Beyond Happiness and Meaning.

Thekla Morgenroth and Michelle Ryan are the recipients of one of the 2022 Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prizes. They received this prize for their publication: The Effects of Gender Trouble: An Integrative Theoretical Framework of the Perpetuation and Disruption of the Gender/Sex Binary.