The SPSP Fundraising and Development Committee is excited to announce that Dr. Tim Wilson is the latest addition to the Heritage Wall, an initiative that honors the impact of scholars on personality and social psychology.

Dr. Wilson is a true luminary in the field of social psychology. His distinguished career, spanning nearly half a century, reflects his unwavering commitment to advancing our understanding of the complexities of human behavior. His pioneering work has delved into the intricacies of self-perception, social cognition, and decision-making processes, and the collective impact of his papers and books is nothing short of extraordinary, garnering over 75,000 citations.

We would also like to thank Dr. Wilson's colleagues and students, who have made this installation possible through their generous donations.

Get to know Dr. Wilson by visiting our Heritage Wall page, where we have detailed his work and included reflections from his friends and colleagues.

The Heritage Fund Initiative was instituted to honor the legacy of our field's most important scholars, by providing a link between generations in personality and social psychology. Funds raised to honor the members of the Heritage Wall are used to support the Heritage Dissertation Research Award.

Additional donations to the Heritage program can be made here. Please indicate in the comment box which scholar (if any) your donation is intended to honor.

If you have a scholar whom you believe would be appropriate to honor on the Heritage Wall and are willing to champion the fundraising campaign, please contact the Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs, Kerry Kawakami and Kevin Lanning with the individual's name, and a short description of why you believe they deserve Heritage Wall status.