As part of an effort to enhance inclusive excellence in publication practices, the SPSP Promoting Inclusive Excellence in Publications Committee has asked editorial boards and editor teams of its journals to complete a demographics survey. Collecting these data makes it possible to track representation over time.

The survey will be administered yearly and the results of the first survey are available below, in aggregate. We hope to expand on this report to include authors and reviewers as well. SPSP is sharing this information publicly in the interest of transparency and accountability. When possible, reporting results for specific and disaggregated identities and subgroups is preferred. However, for this report, SPSP has regrouped identities together under more general terms to maintain confidentiality and gain a simplified understanding of the data.

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SPSP would like to thank the Anti-Colorism and Eurocentrism in Methods and Practices (ACEMAP) task force for developing this survey and devoting their time and energy to this project. Going forward, results from this survey will guide SPSP's efforts to become a more inclusive and diverse organization that fosters the research and development of personality and social psychological science to improve society.

If you have any questions about the survey or the ACEMAP task force, please contact SPSP Executive Director Rachel Puffer at [email protected].