When a new editorial team took the reins of Personality and Social Psychology Review in 2022, incoming Editor Jonathan M. Adler shared a vision for "the next chapter at PSPR." Among other things, this new chapter would be focused on the goal of creating a more inclusive personality and social psychology, geographically and demographically. In a new PSPR editorial, the team reflects on their successes and charts a path forward.

"We believe that the advancement of psychological theory benefits from a proliferation of perspectives and that the culture of any field is profoundly influenced by the people chosen to lead that field," writes the senior editorial team.

The team offers updates on many of the journal's major initiatives, including:

  • The creation of an Emerging Editor Board, comprised of advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows interested in pathways toward editorial leadership.
  • The PSPR Editorial Fellowship, which seeks to create a supportive pathway to editorial leadership for psychologists who have traditionally been excluded from these roles. After Dr. Stephen Baffour Adjei played an important role on the team as the inaugural fellow in 2023, the group is pleased to welcome the next fellow—Pegah Nejat, of Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. Learn more about Dr. Nejat.
  • Adopting a collaborative, relational approach among the broad editorial team, meeting regularly to oversee the journal's operations and holding annual events for the Editorial Board and Emerging Editor Board.

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Submit for PSPR  Special Issue Before February 15

PSPR will also be publishing a Special Issue in early 2024 that focuses on highlighting personality and social psychology from Majority World contexts while bringing these advancements to Western audiences that might not otherwise encounter them. The team is now accepting submissions for this issue—learn how to submit and complete your submission by February 15!

Read Dr. Adler's original editorial here. For more information about publications affiliated with SPSP, please visit our Journals page.