The journal Personality Science will be relaunching in 2024, published by Sage, and SPSP is joining the European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP) to connect the publication with societies around the world.

As part of this role in the partnership, an SPSP member to be determined will serve as an Associate Editor of Personality Science. Given the global focus of the journal's aims, this partnership will allow SPSP to demonstrate its commitment to international collaboration and inclusion of geographical diversity. In addition to EAPP and SPSP, this partnership is comprised of the Association for Research in Personality (ARP), the Japan Society of Personality Psychology (JSPP), and the Australasian Congress on Personality and Individual Differences (ACPID).

This relaunch will provide a high-quality outlet through which personality psychologists can share their scholarship. The journal can help personality psychologists at all levels by enabling them to reach a broad audience that includes the public and policymakers.

The journal's diamond open-access designation means that the journal will be free of charge for authors and readers alike. SPSP believes that this aligns with its commitment to advance the science, teaching, and application of personality and social psychology for the benefit of all people.

"As a personality psychologist, I'm excited that SPSP is investing in bringing personality research to a wide audience," says Laura King. "The international focus of Personality Science, as well as its open-access model, will raise awareness of our work and strengthen the field in the years to come."

SPSP will share updates on this new partnership as the journal begins publishing in the new year. Those who have questions in the meantime are encouraged to contact SPSP Executive Director, Rachel Puffer, at [email protected].