I have been a member of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology since graduate school. In the twenty years since, I have seen the society grow in size and influence and in the opportunities it provides for members from students in training to faculty and researchers at every type of educational institution and a growing number of scholars who bring their expertise to government, non-profits, and the private-sector. As a board member, I will focus on working with SPSP leadership and members to advance three goals.

Training for multiple career pathways. Social and personality psychologists have never had a wider range of career opportunities available to them. SPSP has in place innovative training programs such as the Summer Institute. I will work with board members to anticipate changes in trends in order to support members considering traditional or emerging career pathways or both.

Diversity and inclusion. I have a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion both in my research on social identity and intergroup relations and in my service and leadership roles in the profession and at my university. I will work to support existing efforts as well as develop new ones to achieve fuller representation among our members at every career stage. I firmly believe that diversity of views and voices strengthens our field.

Expanding the impact of our science. In the challenging time we live in, our science can be part of the solution, but we need be agile in the way we respond to rapidly changing conditions - both in the research we conduct and how we disseminate findings. To maximize the impact of our collective expertise, we have to be willing to adapt and to find new ways to meaningfully and collaboratively engage with scholars in other disciplines, policy-makers, and other consumers of our research. Doing so requires a commitment to continually hone skills such as learning to be more fluent in translating our findings into language that is readily accessible to the public and stepping off the sidelines to proactively identify opportunities to broaden the impact of our science.