The preconference on “Advancing LGBTIQ+ Research Across the Globe” is dedicated to the study of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, and sex characteristics, and provides a forum for scholars doing research on these topics across the globe to present new findings, discuss future research directions, and consolidate and extend their scholarly networks. Our preconference is guided by four themes: 1) diversity of research methodologies/approaches, 2) differences in socio-political climate between and within countries/regions, 3) differences between the experiences and priorities of different subgroups within the LGBTIQ+ community, 4) laying the groundwork for cross-national research projects.

Given that international and minoritized scholars are underrepresented within science, we aim to increase the diverse representation across geographic locations, speakers, and attendees. We believe that more diverse voices, approaches, and ideas are essential to improve the quality of science and translation of scientific findings into real-world applications aiming to foster social equality beyond group divides.  

Please note: A central goal of this preconference is to connect scholars from different countries, backgrounds, and career stages interested in LGBTIQ+ research. We aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere, be mindful of language and other barriers, and foster a collaborative and supportive climate beyond national borders. Please consider that some participants prefer to add pronouns to their names, while others might not use any pronouns or prefer to not add them. Because we are expecting participants from different continents and time zones, we aim to structure the preconference so that scholars can join for either the morning session, the afternoon session, or both sessions. 

Preconference Organizers

Mik Bartels, University of Canberra, Australia, [email protected]
Rafael Bastos, Universidade São Francisco, Brazil, [email protected]
Diana Cherian, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, [email protected]
Mar Fournier Pereira, Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica, [email protected]
Tabea Hässler, University of Zurich, Switzerland, [email protected]
Annalisa Myer, City University of New York, U.S., [email protected]


Preconference submissions are now closed. If you have any questions about this preconference, please email the organizers (listed above).